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Medical Adviser

'on set’ medical advice for director, designer and actors. Also, advice on medical background action including dialogue and choreography of medical, nursing, paramedical and ancillary staff.


medical set design, including specialist advice on set design for areas such as the operating theatres, intensive care units, accident and emergency departments and resuscitation room including advice and provision of specific equipment & dressing.

Script Advice

Research, medical terminology, pronunciation, scenarios and procedures.

Medical Props

Provision and operation of high technology medical equipment, e.g. heart monitors, life support ventilators and defibrillators.

Film Friendly

Equipment and personnel with extensive experience in healthcare and the TV & film industry.

Medical FX

Simulation on monitors of ECG, blood pressure, according to specific conditions, realistic surgical operations, electro-convulsive therapy, endoscopy, IV drip feeds, blood taking, dressings.


Advice & provision of specialist wardrobe for healthcare including operating theatres, ICU and mortuary.


Provision of experienced supporting artistes with medical/nursing skills.


Advice on physical examination. Specific X Rays, blood, toxicology, pathology results.


Equipment/instruments for period drama or comedy.


Specialist set dressing & props.


Equipment, simulations and advice will be accurate and adapt to the specific needs of the script and production.

Medical Props
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